Create your own app in 4 steps! No developer help, no coding!

● Build customer loyalty
● Increase the number of orders through the application
● Hit promotions straight to the destination

Poles order take-out food more and more often. This market is growing at a rate of 50% annually, and estimates say that in 2025 about half of the meals prepared in restaurants will be delivery orders. Some of them will come via the application.

Stay ahead of the competition and create your own application:

● in 4 easy steps
● without developer or coding involvement
● without the colossal costs

4 steps to your own application
Registration → Configuration → Choice of options → Publication


Click the Registration button in the upper right corner, enter your details. It's for free!


This part is completely FREE for you. Create your own app. Choose from 6 available layouts, several modules, unlimited colors. It will take you a while. Or longer, because design can draw you in.

Choice of options

Of course, we have 4 subscription options for you. Choose the best option for you.


Now there is only one thing left ... Publication And a little patience - you have to wait for APPLE and GOOGLE approval. Want your customers to be able to use some of the features right away? There is PWA for you - access to the application via your website.

make an application for free

Modules for your business

Restaurant menu

We eat with our eyes! Therefore, share the current menu in the application, share photos and inform about the price. Provide the latest information directly to the hands of your customers. Combine this with the Food Delivery module and you will be able to fulfill your orders online. Fast, convenient, no additional fees and commission on orders.

Food delivery

The application on the phone is an easy way to order. 3 clicks are enough. Combine that with online payment and door-to-door delivery and you'll have your customers get everything they need. You will be sure that they will come back for more portions.

Loyalty card

Encourage customers to come back. The printed version of the loyalty card, on which they collect stamps for purchases or placed orders, has been in use for years. Take it to their virtual world, where it does not take up space in your wallet, it cannot be lost and forget.

Discount coupons

Your clients love marketing campaigns. Most of them count on attractive prices and promotional offers. Give them what they are looking for. Create marketing campaigns and send information directly to phones. Thanks to this, you get your offer straight to the goal.

Application menu

Choose the items your customers will see. Create a clear layout that will be intuitive and easy to navigate.

Adding employees

Ensure smooth promotion of your business when you are running out of time. Add employees and give them permission to manage all or part of the application. Let me help you!


Gain knowledge about customers and facilitate communication with them. Create a contact form for your clients tailored to your company. Define its appearance and select the fields that you think are necessary.

Push notification

Let your clients be up to date. Send short messages about new products, promotions and ventures directly to their phones. They will also receive payment information for orders via the app.


Don't let your customers forget you. Post the latest information from the life of your company, remind about events, comment. Add photos to the texts - this. This will make the content more attractive.


Get attention. Create a Photo Gallery of dishes served in your restaurant. Inspire with colorful salads, exotic dishes, aromatic soups. Capture everything you want to show off. Your clients will remember it.

User accounts

Need more customer data? Do you want to check how many are already with you? Verify the list of users. Modify the contact form for customers to adapt it to your changing needs.


Change to fit the needs of your customers and. And increase sales. Their opinion will allow you to do so. Give them a chance to evaluate both your application and the service provided. This is valuable knowledge for you.

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