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Why it is worth having – 4 major benefits

Build customer loyalty
Currently, over 90% of Poles use applications while they shop, order food or search for interesting information. Implement loyalty cards with virtual stamps and encourage your customers come back to you.

Promote products and services
Use the Discount coupons module, create marketing campaigns and send information directly to your customers. The application is a milestone for your advertisment.

Increase your sales
Sell 24/7. Thanks to the Shop module, customers have your products at their fingertips around the clock. Use the Restaurant Menu feature and deliver food to your customers at any time. Combine this with Loyalty Cards and Discount Coupons and watch your sales profits grow.

Join the strongest companies
Join the group of companies that have new technologies at hand. Create your own app in 4 easy steps with no programmer, no coding and no huge costs.

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All you have to do is provide your data. It costs nothing!



This part is completely FREE. Create your own app. Choose from 6 available layouts, over a dozen modules and countless colors. It will take you a while. Might take longer, because designing can really draw you in.

Choice of options

3.Different options

We have 4 subscription options for you. Choose the best one for you.



The last thing that remains is publishing and a little patience. You need to wait for Apple and Google approval. Want some features to be available straight away? Here comes PWA - access to the application via your website.

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Check what modules we have

restaurant menu

discount coupons

Nearly 70% of people who use applications, use them to make purchases. Most count on attractive prices and discounts. Give them what they hope for. Create marketing campaigns and send information directly to customers.


restaurant menu

We eat with our eyes! Insert the current menu in the application, add photos and price. Provide the latest information directly to your customers. Combine this with the Food Delivery module and you will be able to fulfill your orders online. Quickly, conveniently, with no additional fees or commission on the order.

loyalty cards

loyalty cards

Encourage customers to come back. The printed version of the loyalty card, on which they collect stamps for purchases or orders, has been known for years. Move it online, where it doesn't clutter a wallet, can't be lost or forgotten.



Over 68% of Poles buy online, and the majority use mobile applications to do so. Make it work in your favour. Display products, add descriptions and prices. Make it possible for your customers to shop online and combine it with online payments for their convenience.

...and more!

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Let us do it for you!

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Price list

Minimum (CMS)


  • Application menu
  • Contact
  • Cms
  • Movies
  • Gallery
  • Our locations

Optimal (Community)


    Everything what in the Minimum Package


  • User accounts
  • Discount coupons
  • Restaurant menu
  • News
  • Push notifications
  • Calendar of events
  • Forms
  • Subpages for groups / users
  • Messages
  • Loyalty points
  • Loyalty cards (stamps)
  • Feedback
  • Social media
  • Stamps
  • Partners

Maximum (Sales)


    Everything in the Optimal package


  • Payment services
  • Reservations
  • Order a phone call
  • Order transport
  • Buy a ticket - event
  • Order a visit
  • Delivery

*The given prices are net prices, you need to add 23% to them vat. Prices do not include account fees for Google Play ($ 25 one-time) and App Store ($ 99 per year).


The fee is charged "in advance" for the selected period. The configuration stage is completely free. After refining the appearance and functionality of your application, we ask you to choose options. We have prepared 4 subscription plans, each in two versions: monthly and annual. As we believe in constant and long-term cooperation, you get attractive discounts when choosing the annual subscription.

There are only subscription fees on our side. However, to run the application, it is necessary to run a developer account for the Apple App Store and Google Play. In the first case, it is a fee of $ 99 per year, in the second, it is a one-time fee of $ 25.

We chose the most popular payment methods, i.e. via dotpay and Przely24, which support the majority of Polish banks. They accept transfers with both payment cards and BLIK.

Yes, any modification of the modules is possible under the selected subscription option. Changes are free.

Yes. We will develop the application. New modules will be available soon. In addition, we will also adapt to our clients and create modules, taking into account the degree of interest and demand for new solutions.

This solution is possible in the case of switching to a higher subscription. Then you have to pay the difference for the months with the higher subscription.

Yes. You can create an application for both of these operating systems. In addition, we offer the creation of a PWA, i.e. an application available through the website.

We tried to make the configuration as easy as possible so that everyone could do it on their own. However, if problems arise or if there is simply no time, our experts are at your disposal. We will configure the interface - we will adjust the colors and appearance, we will select modules to the business profile. We are also ready to develop a Privacy Policy, Regulations, etc., that is, we will cover everything that will be necessary for the application to work.

Yes. It is completely safe both for you as a company and for your clients who install it. We have all technical and anti-virus protection. We also have the right to collect and store data in accordance with the GDPR guidelines.

This will be possible in two ways. One of them is registration in our panel on the website. The second is the application that you install on your device. It is free. We give it to complete order management.

Yes, we will send you a reminder in advance so that you can safely decide on further cooperation.