Our offer includes all work related to the creating websites, from graphic design through the creation of the CMS, to the hosting and seo.

Graphic design

Our layouts are unique, adapted to client's requirements and company. We do not use free templates and do not use one layout to more than one client. Designs consider company colors, logos, decor and company profile. We think every client is unique, and so that the website must be unique, too.

CMS - content management system

CMS is a system, which enable using and managing the websites content without any specialistic knowlage. You can add, edit or delete pages, categories or pictures by a few mouse clicks. The system has unlimited development possibilities. We use our own system, which is safer than open-source systems. We can add any module you can imagine, so we are open to any suggestions and requests. It is very important for us to make webpage that will help you earn more, because your satisfaction is our guarantee of long partnership. Our offer include other kind of web-based software: CRM (Customer Relationship Management), online shops, Facebook apllications. We can also provide maintaining of your webpages or funpages.

Community building

Beside websites, modern companies spend a lot of time and resources to buld community. In a few words it means gathering all your customers and sympathizers in some groups - on social sites or on your own site. It is very effective, unlimited and really cheep advertisment, which profits for many years. Pleased client is one of the best advertisment you can find. There is only one better - pleased client who is talking about it to his/her friends.
Our services includes: setting up and maintaing Facebook fanpages, integraiting websites with social tools (e.g. widgets, "like", "g+", "share" buttons), Facebook applications, like contests.


Hosting is a place in the Internet, where your website is visible. Stable hosting is one of the most important technical aspect of good website. Even best design and content is not enough, if your website is not online. We provide you your own domain (e.g., unlimited numbers of e-mail addresses in this domain and a space for extra files and your website. Our servers are monitored 24/7, so there will be no unnecessary stops in your website running.

SEO - search engine optimization

When our website is online, it is very important to do whatever is possible to allow easy find of our website. SEO is set of actions, which lead to first positions in search engines, like Google. It is very important, that you pay only for results, when your page is on first site on choosen phrases.